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Throughout his career as a prosecutor, Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin learned, first hand, that a prosecutor’s duty encompasses more than simply putting criminals in jail.  While strict enforcement of our criminal laws is important, crime intervention and crime prevention are also critical components to a comprehensive strategy for public safety and crime reduction.

In 2016, Hestrin launched the DISTRICT ATTORNEY CRIME PREVENTION FOUNDATION (DACPF.) The Foundation’s mission – to support various crime prevention programs in Riverside County with the goal of preventing crime through an innovative approach to the reintegration of individuals who have met criteria designed to promote success and active community engagement.

“DACPF provides opportunities for success to those who sincerely want a second chance.  In the end, our work will help make Riverside County a better place to live, work and raise a family”

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District Attorney Michael Hestrin’s top priority is effective public safety for the people that live in and visit Riverside County. The DA recognizes that to successfully achieve this goal, traditional crime suppression methods must be bolstered by effective and meaningful prevention and intervention strategies.

Therefore, for the first time in the history of the DA’s Office, Hestrin has created the Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) when he became the District Attorney of Riverside County in 2015. CPU currently consists of 11 attorneys that work full time to significantly and positively impact the lives of at-risk youth, to enhance public safety, and to prevent youth from becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

The creation of this unit by the DA is cutting edge and visionary. As far as we know, until recently, it was the only unit of its kind within a prosecutorial agency, anywhere in the nation. Due to the great success of this unit, another prosecuting agency studied our Crime Prevention Unit and replicated it in 2018. Thus, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has paved a unique way for other prosecutorial agencies to be engaged in juvenile crime prevention and intervention and significant criminal justice reform.

Core Programs

Real Men Read (RMR)

Promotes literacy and life skills for at-risk youth by providing them with books and strong role models designed to encourage their interest in reading and education

Force of Four

An interactive outreach program where participants explore four career paths with four different mentors over four months

Youth Court

Multi-agency, early intervention, and prevention (simulated court) program that acts as an early diversion program for first-time low-level offenders

Gang Awareness Mentorship and Education (GAME)

Provides parent training and drug and gang awareness presentations to youth, parents, and community organizations to help steer youth away from gangs, drugs, and delinquency

School Attendance Review Board (SARB)

Combats truancy and chronic absenteeism in collaboration with our local school districts through an extensive process of accountability along with school and community support for families struggling with their child’s attendance issues

Law & Leadership Youth Academy

Youth receive criminal justice system, courtroom advocacy, and leadership training as well as hands-on training and experience in various forensic skills such as fingerprinting and crime scene investigation

Youth Safety Presentation

Throughout the county, CPU provides presentations that directly impact youth safety and that cover a vast array of critical topics such as: Bullying and the Law, Sextortion, Suicide Prevention, Human Trafficking, Sexual Predator Awareness, and the Power of Education.

Women Who Read

Women Who Read is a female empowerment, writing, and literacy program. The curriculum, written by Riverside DDAs, is taught weekly at YTEC, Southwest Juvenile Hall, and the Jurupa Youth Opportunity Center.investigation

Girls Empowering Minds

Girls Empowering Minds (GEM) is an empowerment forum for young women operated in our local communities.  Each GEM session features a female guest speaker sharing their powerful story of perseverance and courage.

Women Read And Parlance (WRAP)

Women Read and Parlance (WRAP) is a literacy based mentorship program for female youth currently being operated out of the Southwest Juvenile Justice Center and the Riverside Youth Opportunity Center.


These program stats are from 2016-2017.

Young people served in 2016-17 by YAT countywide

Books read in countywide Real Men Read (RMR) program

Gang awareness and mentorship education (GAME) presentations provided to about 47,000 people

Pages read by at-risk boys in countywide Real Men Read (RMR) program

Participants in countywide Real Men Read (RMR) program

Youth Accountability (YAT) serving 17 school districts



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