We provide funding and support for crime prevention programs to promote public safety in Riverside County.

Throughout his career as a prosecutor, Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin learned, first hand, that a prosecutor’s duty encompasses more than simply putting criminals in jail.  While strict enforcement of our criminal laws is important, crime intervention and crime prevention are also critical components to a comprehensive strategy for public safety and crime reduction. 

In 2016, Hestrin launched the DISTRICT ATTORNEY CRIME PREVENTION FOUNDATION (DACPF.) The Foundation’s mission – to support various crime prevention programs in Riverside County with the goal of preventing crime through an innovative approach to the reintegration of individuals who have met criteria designed to promote success and active community engagement.

“DACPF provides opportunities for success to those who sincerely want a second chance.  In the end, our work will help make Riverside County a better place to live, work and raise a family”


These program stats are from 2016-2017.

Young people served in 2016-17 by YAT countywide

Books read in countywide Real Men Read (RMR) program

Gang awareness and mentorship education (GAME) presentations provided to about 47,000 people

Pages read by at-risk boys in countywide Real Men Read (RMR) program

Participants in countywide Real Men Read (RMR) program

Youth Accountability (YAT) serving 17 school districts


The core mission of the District Attorney’s Office is criminal prosecution, but crime prevention is also a critically important part of what DA’s do. Fittingly, the DACPF’s mission is to create crime prevention programs and activities in partnership with stakeholders and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in the community.  For example, one such program will facilitate the re-entry into society of previously convicted felons who demonstrate the willingness to better themselves and their community. In doing so, the DACPF provides opportunities for success to those who sincerely want a second chance.  In the end, our work will help make Riverside County a better place to live, work and raise a family,” Hestrin concluded. 

Initiatives supported by DACPF are crafted to prevent crime, improve access to employment for previously convicted felons who meet certain criteria and to increase options to divert youth from the criminal justice system. With this in mind, the DACPF is focused on providing grants for programs that improve public safety and prevent crime. The DACPF will support community partners in an effort to prevent crime. Potential beneficiaries of the fund include non-profit organizations that assist in prisoner re-entry, divert at-risk youth, and/or prevent domestic violence and curb human trafficking. Neighborhood safety programs round out the list.

The DACPF will work under the umbrella of the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office in concert with the office’s nationally recognized District Attorney’s Crime Prevention Unit (DACPU). Together, they will support the vital work of the Riverside DA’s Office through community-focused investment in public safety initiatives. The Riverside DA’s Office has a proven record of supporting the community through a variety of efforts led by DACPU. Examples include a program to introduce juvenile offenders to the world of reading, gang prevention presentations at local schools, and engagement with parents of at-risk youth as they cope with unique challenges.

The DACPF will create an advisory committee that will disperse the monies to non-profit organizations throughout Riverside County. All donations to the DACPF are tax deductible.

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