In 2017, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office partnered with California Family Life Center’s Empower Youth program to create Force of Four, a unique mentorship program designed to help young ladies explore future career options and opportunities. With the assistance of their Deputy District Attorney mentors, program participants explore four different career paths over a four-month period.

Program participants meet with real-life professionals at their places of work and in the community to gain exposure and insight into different industries and potential career paths. This hands-on learning approach introduces Force of Four members to individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds while encouraging them to continue their education and career goals.

Force of Four is also committed to fostering a mentorship bond between the attorney mentors and youth participants. In addition to practical educational field trips, Force of Four also conducts outings to encourage team bonding and personal growth.

Force of Four currently serves youth living in the Hemet, Lake Elsinore, and Rubidoux areas. In the last two years (2017 – 2018), Force of Force alumni received the prestigious Jamil A. Dada Character Excellence Award with scholarships for college.

For more information on Force of Four, please contact Deputy District Attorneys Sharon Shuster at or Vanessa Romero at

Tour of Nickelodeon Studios with Animator

Hike in Chino Hills

Beach Day in Laguna

Three Force of Four Mentees received the Jamil Dada Award and Scholarship in 2018

The Pop Up Shop.  The Pop Up Shop (which appears to be the only project of its kind in the nation) was created to motivate at-risk students to succeed in school.  To do this, students were given “pseudo” dollars when they earned credits toward graduation, improved their attendance, or improved their behavior on campus. They students spent their pseudo dollars on a vast array of merchandise available in the school gym that was converted into a virtual department store.  To stock the Pop Up Shop, CPU collected over $150,000 dollars’ worth of merchandise from approximately 800 donors from throughout California and as far away as New York and Connecticut. This first time project was a resounding success.  As a result of this two day event, participating schools reported improvement in school behavior, attendance, and a staggering 500% increase in the graduation rate.



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