Gang Awareness, Mentorship, and Education

The District Attorney’s Office is fully committed to reducing youth gang violence and delinquency in our communities. To be successful in this endeavor, our office created the Gang Awareness, Mentorship, and Education (GAME) program.

GAME operates under the very important premise that youth gang participation is preventable and correctable. To that end, GAME provides four important gangs or awareness presentations:

The Gang Awareness and Prevention Training for Parents helps parents develop healthy family dynamics that can deter youth from participating in gangs.

Accordingly, this presentation teaches parents why youth get involved with gangs, gang membership warning signs, how to construct healthy and positive relationships with their children, and what parents need to know and do to keep their children out of gangs.

The Gang Awareness and Prevention Presentation for Youth teaches junior high and high school students about the realities of gang life and the severe legal penalties associated with gang-related criminal prosecutions. During this presentation, the youth hear from former hardcore gang members that candidly and vividly relate why youth should stay clear from a gang and prison life.

The Gang Awareness and Prevention Presentation for Educators is delivered to school staff and touches on a variety of gang-related topics such as gang territories, signs, clothing, paraphernalia, recent trends, and safety tips.

The Drug Awareness Presentation for Youth teaches students about the harmful consequences of illegal narcotics and prescription drug abuse. In this regard, GAME collaborates with CVS Pharmacists (who use their education) and former drug abusers (who share their harrowing personal stories) to expose, and discourage youth, from the ravaging effects of substance abuse.

Offered on a limited basis, the GAME Mentoring Program is a 6-month mentorship program for middle school and high school youth. Youth participants are mentored by GAME attorneys from the District Attorney’s Office regarding the importance of discipline and academic excellence in addition to the dangers of gang affiliation and/or substance abuse.

Each year, the GAME program provides approximately 250 presentations to about 24,000 people. For more information about the GAME program, please contact Deputy District Attorney Evelyn Essenwanger at


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