Real Men Read

Studies have identified a direct correlation between education and criminal behavior. In fact, 85% percent of juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system are functional illiterates and 70% of incarcerated adults cannot read above a fourth-grade level. Literacy and education are powerful tools in rehabilitation, preventing crime, and assisting youth at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

Real Men Read (RMR) is a young men’s literacy and mentorship program. Since its inception, RMR has operated in local communities and every lockdown juvenile justice facility in the county. Recognizing the direct correlation between literacy and incarceration rates, RMR was designed to create an interest in reading amongst its participants while also providing them with guest speakers from local schools and communities that serve as positive role models and mentors. Some past guest speakers for RMR include Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey, best-selling author Simone Elkeles, a former NFL quarterback, and local community members from a variety of diverse economic, educational, and social backgrounds. All guest speakers focus their discussions on how literacy and education has helped them overcome obstacles and achieve goals in their private and professional lives.

With nearly 1,500 participants reading over 1,000,000 million pages of literature, RMR is a program proven to inspire an interest in education and literacy for a population in desperate need of their benefits.

To volunteer or learn more about RMR, please contact Deputy District Attorney Hunter Taylor at huntertaylor@rivcoda.org


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