School Attendance Review Board

Irregular school attendance directly affects public safety, crime rates, and a student’s prospects for future success.  In fact, studies show that 82% of California prisoners are high school dropouts, dropouts are 8 times more likely to be incarcerated than high school graduates, and dropouts are far more likely to be victims of crime. 

In response to these realities, the California legislature instituted the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) process “as part of a system of interventions intended to make maximum use of school district and community resources to reengage students, improve graduation rates and divert minors away from the justice system.”  (CA Department of Education State SARB Manual, p. 14)  The Riverside County District’s Office is keenly aware of the correlation between school attendance, academic success, and crime.  That is why our prosecutors’ involvement in the SARB process is one of the most robust in the state.

Our Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) utilizes a Countywide SARB Coordinator who collaborates closely with school districts across the county to improve the SARB process and bolster student attendance.  The SARB Coordinator provides ongoing trainings to school districts, assistance with SARB process design and development, presentations to parents and students, and delivers presentations at various public events to highlight the importance of regular school attendance.  Partnering school districts throughout the county have shown their outstanding commitment to improving attendance and, as of 2018, 13 of Riverside County’s 23 school districts have won the prestigious “Model SARB” award from the California Department of Education. 

For more information about the SARB program, please contact Deputy District Attorney Amir Alavi at

Sunburst Youth Academy Orientations.

The Sunburst Youth Academy is one of the premiere residential youth rehabilitation programs in the nation. The program is located in Los Alamitos in Orange County.  To make the program more accessible to Riverside County families, the Crime Prevention Unit organizes monthly Sunburst orientations that took place in Riverside and Indio.  Last year, the Crime Prevention Unit organized 16 orientations to almost 600 people.  As a result of these orientations, Sunburst has seen a significant increase in program participants from Riverside County.  To make the Sunburst program even more readily available for Riverside County families, the Crime Prevention Unit is diligently working to establish a similar program within Riverside County.

Reducing Chronic Absenteeism Annual Conference.

The purpose of this conference is to bring education stakeholders from throughout the region and the state to network, share, and highlight best practices to improve school environments for students and to reduce truancy and chronic absenteeism.  Last year, representatives from every school district in Riverside County attended this important annual conference.


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