Women Who Read is a female empowerment, writing, and literacy program. The curriculum, written by Riverside DDAs, is taught weekly at YTEC, Southwest Juvenile Hall, and the Jurupa Youth Opportunity Center.

Channeling the historical notion, “Women who read are dangerous,” the program sets out to defy limitations. The curriculum strives to show youth just how dangerous a woman who reads can be. A danger to misogyny, oppression, racism, sexual assault, and so much more. Participants explore the lives of Dangerous Women, such as Irena Sendler, Malala Yousafzai, Jaha Dukureh, Ellen DeGeneres, Harriet Tubman, Maya Angelou, and many more heroines of today and yesterday. Each Dangerous Woman teaches the youth a different page in history, resiliency, empathy, and the power of words. The importance of speaking about trauma, having a voice, and healthy cathartic outlets are central themes to each class. The goal is to inspire youth to be the right type of dangerous, glass-ceiling-breaking, and history-making dangerous!  

Youth are provided books to check-out weekly, and gifted books, journals, and other incentives based on participation, writing, and cumulative pages read.  

To volunteer or learn more about WWR, please contact Deputy District Attorney Kacey Sutton at kasutton@rivcoda.org


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